Kitchen style buying guide

If you’re planning a kitchen transformation, choosing a style can be overwhelming when you have a range of looks and furnishings to review. The look and feel of your kitchen plays a key role in how you’re going to use it, and who in your household is going to use it. 
As a starting point, it’s good to think about how you need your kitchen to function. For example, if you have a busy family, choosing a white glossy kitchen style which, on a day to day basis has a high footfall and is more than likely to get messy, it isn’t going to look pristine for long so you’ll need a kitchen style that is robust and easy to maintain. However, if you’re a couple looking for a design that’s going to impress your guests for entertaining, then a clean-cut style could be just right for you.
What are the different kitchen styles?
To help you decide on a style of kitchen, we have summarised a list of Benchmarx kitchen designs so you can learn more about what look is right for your home. 
Our designs include:
Contemporary Kitchen design
Shaker kitchens 
Industrial kitchens
Modern kitchen design
Gloss kitchens
Handless kitchens
Contemporary kitchen design
What is a contemporary kitchen design?
Contemporary kitchen design is ever-evolving, allowing you to alter and add features from other periods of time into your kitchen plan to formulate a cohesive look. Traditionally, contemporary kitchens incorporate influences from popular styles featured more commonly in the 20th century. 
What is the difference between contemporary and modern?
Defining a contemporary kitchen design can be easily confused as modern, but the main difference is that contemporary styling is ever changing, whereas modern refers to a key period between the 1920s and 1950s. In a modern kitchen, you’ll notice a more minimalistic look, often considered as retro, using shiny and often synthetic materials, where as contemporary kitchens tend to use more natural, exposed and rustic elements 
Benchmarx contemporary kitchen styles 




Shaker kitchens
What are shaker kitchens?
Furniture made by Quakers, shaker kitchens date back to the 18th century and were designed to be practical and functional, with the elegant simplicity representing the honest nature of this classic style of cabinetry.
Are shaker kitchens old fashioned?
Traditionally made with wood, shaker kitchens encompass the ever-evolving nature of a classic (and contemporary) kitchen style: timeless, and a design which is flexible to make your own. 
The clean lines and traditional styling of a shaker kitchen make them incredibly welcoming and easy to style with most furniture designs. Minimalistic or maximalist, you can accessorise this style of kitchen with as many or as little furnishings as you wish which makes the concept increasingly popular with many households.    
Can you paint a shaker kitchen?
Shaker kitchens can be painted, as they’re made from wood or either laminated in an easy to clean PVC coating to make them durable and long-lasting. The beauty of a shaker kitchen is that you can easily change the look and feel by adding colour, placing industrial or soft accessories, or neutralising the scheme with wall to wall cupboards to conceal your appliances.  
Benchmarx Shaker Kitchen range







Industrial kitchen design
What is an industrial kitchen?
Suitable for commercial and kitchens in the home, an industrial kitchen has an edgy, robust style and offers the look and feel of a professional kitchen. Rustic in its nature, an industrial kitchen allows you to effortlessly pair metallic cabinets and counters with contrasting, warm materials like wood to create an easy on the eye finish.  

What does an industrial kitchen look like?
Part of the contemporary movement, industrial kitchens can be intertwined with a classic kitchen, such as the shaker style, or are left to their entirety where sleek metallic lines boldly take centre stage.
Industrial kitchens are designed to look better with age, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about scratches or keeping your new furniture gleaming. Perfect for busy families and lofty spaces, the industrial look can be chic and modern or warmed up pairing rich colours to create a homely space. 
Styling tips for an industrial kitchen
Use your kitchen accessories to personalise the look - partner a rustic tap with rich wooden counters for a stand-out industrial finish
Expose your pantry - put everything on show, from your kitchen cupboard essentials to create an artisan atmosphere
Be clever with how you decorate the room. Shelving, hanging storage and metal shelving units can add depth and character - it’s the look and feel of a professional kitchen but with a airy finish that makes it your own
Benchmarx industrial kitchen range


Modern kitchen design
What is a modern kitchen
A modern kitchen embraces streamlined cabinetry and is often featured in an airy, open space, which is usually clutterless, and uses a glossy finish or mixed with a minimalist industrial style. You’ll often see handleless drawers and tall statue cupboards in a modern kitchen where the appliances are stored in clever multi-functional cabinets which flow into the overall style.
Benchmarx modern kitchen range


Gloss kitchen design
Gloss kitchens are striking, modern, and easily illuminate the light, providing an idyllic base to reflect off and create an inviting ambience.

Do gloss kitchen doors scratch?
A gloss kitchen can be more high maintenance because of the shiny top layer and scratches can be more noticeable.  
Pros and cons of high gloss kitchens
Minimalistic look
The reflective material is an ideal surface for mood lighting
Easy to wipe surface to quickly remove spills
Pairs well with a range of materials, such as glass and laminate
Harder to clean as they can show marks
Can stain and burn easily if a hot pan is left on the counter
Not necessarily family friendly as glossy cupboards can be easily smeared by sticky hands or fingerprints
The reflective material can make the kitchen brighter and harsh on the eyes
Tend to show scratches more than a matt surface
Benchmarx Modern Kitchen range






Handleless kitchens
Perfect for kitchen islands, a handleless kitchen allows you to mix and match different base and wall cabinet colours to achieve a modern and minimalistic look. Build appliances into the cupboards and fix feature lighting to create a silky ambience. 
What is a handleless kitchen?
A handless kitchen is a sleek, streamlined cabinet style designed to open and close using handless engineering. 
Handleless kitchens are made using either a true handleless or grip design built into the door or drawer to open and close the cabinet. Streamline and smooth; this type of kitchen is perfect if you’re looking for a modern kitchen design to master the clutter-free kitchen style.
How do handleless kitchen doors work?
There are two different types of handleless kitchen designs: true handless, and the ‘grip’ integrated handle style.
A true handless kitchen is designed and built into the door using a continuous rail. It works by running your hand over the top and sliding the door or drawer open. An integrated handleless style is designed using a ridge at the top of the drawer or cupboard where the fingers grip to pull the door open.
Will handleless kitchens date?
Although many people worry that a handless kitchen will look out of date, they are in fact a timeless, modern design due to the styling of the clutter-free appearance and minimal lines. 
The pros and cons of a handleless kitchen
If you’re considering a handleless design, as with any kitchen, there are pros and cons to fitting this style of cabinet to your kitchen plan.
Minimalist finish
Bright and airy style
Safe, if you have children, there’s a minimal risk as they have no handles to bump into 
The integrated style can be tricky if you have big fingers or long nails, which can catch on the grip as you open the drawer
Grip style drawers can collect dust and crumbs
The thin grip on the integrated style may break
With such a great selection of styles to choose from, you can really experiment with different textures and materials to design the perfect kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. 
To get started, book a free design consultation with our kitchen experts who will help make your transformation a reality. Don’t forget, a quality kitchen needs to be installed by a professional or experienced fitter - if you ever have any questions we’re always with any installation queries.