Thinking of a shaker style kitchen?  


What does shaker style mean?

This style of door originates from the simple, utilitarian designs of the Shaker community. The Shakers were a Christian sect operating mainly in the United States in the 1800s.   They became known for their handcrafted utilitarian furniture designs.  Although functionality was the primary focus, the designs had a pleasing aesthetic. 


Kitchen door design

The design of the door usually has a recessed central panel, with more traditional designs built from solid timber or with a woodgrain effect and a slightly wider edge panel. The Benchmarx Somerset Range is a good example of this.


Modern shaker kitchens

Although rather counterintuitive, the modern shaker has become a popular design for a kitchen, as it fits well in either a traditional or modern scheme.  It tends to have a more streamlined design, with a smooth surface to the door and narrower edge panels. The Benchmarx Cambridge range works well in a modern setting.


Kitchen colour choice and accessories

There are a couple of other things to consider when making your design choice.  The colour of the kitchen furniture can also give the space a more traditional or contemporary look.  Natural oak or cream kitchens have a more classic quality, whereas the trend for blue kitchens or perhaps a grey kitchen will provide a contemporary feel.  The question of what work surfaces or handles you choose will also make a difference.   Wooden worktops versus cool white quartz for example or traditional brass cup handles versus stainless steel u-pull handles?


The final decision

There is a wide range of Shaker kitchens to choose from.  The best selling Shaker kitchen in the Benchmarx range is our Sherwood range, which combines a traditional look with some modern colours.  For the more budget conscious, have a look at the Oxford family, also an ideal choice for utility rooms.


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